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Vote June 24, 2014

Front Page Tulsa Beacon

February 27, 2014

This front page article contrasting Dr Lois Jacobs with the incumbent
of House District 79, Watson, clearly demonstrates a remarkable difference. Dr. Lois Jacobs' top priority is jobs, the well being of the local and state economy and jobs. While her opponent has not managed to keep a consistent conservative rating' as he funds his campaign with casino, utilities and big business dollars.

"Jobs, jobs, jobs," Jacobs said. "Every generation needs to know how to work, how to pay a bill and have personal responsibility."

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She supports completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline as it would create hundreds of jobs in Oklahoma.

Relying on her medical and dental expertise, Dr. Jacobs points out
another area that would add industry to our economy is the manufacturing
of generic drugs.

"Once a 17-year patent goes off, we should be on top of it. With the Port of
Catoosa and the Port of Muskogee, all those 'off patent' drug manufacturing
jobs would be what I would describe as a windfall. That would be great for our area."

Solidly, 100% pro-life.

Supportive of the attorney general, state of Oklahoma lawsuit, against Obamacare being judicated 2014, 100%.

Supports efforts to reduce the state income tax. "Oklahoma's economy
will flourish, similar to Texas, when we eliminate the state income tax,"
says Dr Jacobs.

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